What are some custom fields, extensions or widget ideas that increase your team's overall production?

  • 19 April 2022
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We are trying to figure out how others are extending contentstack to their benefit. Whether it be integrations with other SaaS platforms, or just building custom tooling to help you work within Contentstack. What plugins/integrations have you built that have improved your experience with the platform?

2 replies

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There are quite a few enhancements with extensions I can think of that would make teams more optimized and effective when working in Contentstack. I want to know what else is out there that others are trying to accomplish or successfully accomplish today using the extensions and widgets.

A few concepts that exist today that are effective.

  • JSON Viewer (Widget) - This lets developers see the respective payload of the entry 
  • Multi-stack references (Custom Field)- Instead of using a single stack built in reference field. A custom field that is allowed to choose content from other stacks as well. For example having multiple digital properties, but wanting to share products between the two, or landing pages between the two.
  • Bulk Import (Dashboard Widget) - Users who create content outside of contentstack but want to upload everything at the same time, rather than individually. With a tool like this users can streamline medium to large amount of content creations.

What other ideas have you all come up with? I am curious to hear more.


Where can I find Bulk Import - Dashboard Widgets?