Reusable field validations

  • 13 July 2022
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If we create field-level validations, are we able to save these rules anywhere to be reused later?


Best answer by nick.nguyen 13 July 2022, 20:12

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At this moment in time, field-level validations are specific to each field, and you would need to copy over the same field-level validations if needed for another field.

Just a thought, if field validation is the same for multiple fields of the same piece, you could consider using a multiple setting on a field, then each field follows the same validation as you add as little or as many as you would like.

@kevinyangice what is the exact use case you are trying to achieve? I am trying to understand how many different validations you are going for, or if its just something that would be an improvement over the current process of individual fields and their validations.