User stories: How can automations make your team more efficient and effective?

  • 14 June 2022
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Hi everyone! I’m a PM here at Contentstack working on the new Automation Hub product. I would be really interested to hear more from anyone about any user stories you have surrounding automations. 

  • Do you employ any automations in your existing workflows? What tasks are you currently automating?
  • Think about your current business processes related to content.
    • Are there any repetitive tasks that could be automated?
    • Can you identify any multi-step processes that could be streamlined?
    • Are there any tasks currently performed by humans that could be made more consistent through automation? Humans sometimes forget things or make mistakes. :(
  • Do you currently have any “middleware” (such lambda functions using web hooks) that helps automate workflows or integrations between vendors? 

Any other thoughts about the Automation Hub or automations in general? I would love to hear from you! Click on my profile and then use the “send message” button and let’s chat.

Thanks in advance!!

1 reply

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To get some possible conversation started, I will share a few categories and ideas that we’ve discussed with some partners thus far. Do any of these use cases ring a bell for you? What would help streamline your processes and save time in your organization?

NOTE: Automation Hub is currently available as a beta test for existing customers. Click on my profile and use the “send message” button to get started!

🗣 Communication

Sending a message to a group of people to inform them that an event has occurred.


  • When content is updated, send a notice to a specific Slack channel.
  • When new content is posted in a specific category, send an email to a group of people.
  • When content reaches a specific workflow, send a text message to alert editors that it is ready for review.
  • When new content reaches a published stage, send a push notification to app subscribers.

🔗 Streamline Workflow

Perform a workflow action whenever an event has occurred. 

  • If a content entry hits the publish stage but it does not have an image, include our site logo as a default image.

👮 Police Consistency

Add specific metadata whenever content hits a specific stage.

  • When content completes the “legal review” workflow stage, add a keyword tag of “legal_approved” to the content.
  • Each product entry, when published, will have a keyword tag of its category (i.e. shoes, clothes, etc.) for SEO purposes.

✅ Vendor Integration

Triggering a process in another platform whenever a specific event happens.


💻 Development

Triggering a development platform process whenever a specific event happens.

🗂 Project Management

Triggering a new ticket update in Jira when an action happens in Contentstack.

  • When new content is created in Contentstack, create a new task in Jira asking the legal team to review the changes.

I will add more ideas as I think of them; I’m sure there are thousands of combinations of triggers and actions! What am I missing? 😀

More information

Here is a list of currently supported triggers and actions:

Step-by-step how-tos for some common use cases: