Guide: Getting The Right Answers Quickly

  • 16 March 2022
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When you need answers, you don’t want to spend hours wandering around. You just want to get back to work quickly. These tips will help you get answers quickly when working with our Community.

  1. Always search first. One of the fastest ways to get an answer to your question is to find an answer already provided to a similar question. Our search tool will bring you results from our discussion forums, the knowledge base and our official documentation. This is your one-stop shop for answers to all of your Contentstack questions.

  2. Ask a great question. A well-written question is most likely to get a timely and accurate response. These tips will help you write questions that get you the answers you need quickly:

    • Use complete sentences. Take the time to edit your post before publishing it. The more readable your post, the more that your readers will be able to focus on helping to solve your problem or answer your question.

    • Explain the full scenario. Don't assume that your readers have information you haven't shared yet.

    • Screenshots are Community gold; share images whenever possible. 

    • Don't code dump. Only include code segments that are relevant to your question and explain each segment that you share.

    • Include the steps you've already taken (especially if you're looking for troubleshooting help). This helps the community to hone in on what you haven't tried instead of wasting time telling you to take steps you've already tried.

    • Don't share confidential information. (We covered this in the Community Code of Conduct, but it's worth mentioning again here.)

    • Collaborate actively and be responsive. Be sure to set up your email notifications, found in your profile, so you are aware when your question receives a response.

  3. After you have asked your question. 

    • Wait for replies, typically take about 24 hours for people to see new questions.

    • Review the answers to see if people need more information.

    • AND the best part: Mark the question as solved by selecting “Best Answer” in the appropriate reply so that anyone who reviews your question will have the answer as well.

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