What's New in Automation Hub: New action types available for the Algolia connector

  • 30 December 2022
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New Algolia events.

We have added two new action types in the Algolia Automation Hub connector: delete and update.

The “Delete Entries” action will delete indexed items in Algolia, whereas the “Update Entries” action will perform partial updates of existing items.

Both new actions require you to pass an objectID in the payload to identify the item you want to delete or update.

Algolia objectIDs

Algolia keeps track of entries based on their objectID, a unique ID that can be sent along with content or one will be automatically generated by Algolia when an item is indexed.

When using these new actions, it is important to understand how the objectID is being created with your existing implementation of Algolia, so that you know where the objectID is stored and how to obtain it. The objectID is required to update or delete an existing entry in an Algolia index.

There are a few different ways to get an objectID:

  1. If you do not pass an objectID to Algolia when indexing content, it will automatically generate an objectID. This can then be retrieved and stored in a content field. 
  2. A Transform step can be used to create an objectID out of different ID fields associated with an entry or asset. This can then be merged with the trigger payload when being sent to Algolia.

For more information, check out the documentation.


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