cm:stacks:seed fails with error: Content Type creation failed

  • 16 April 2023
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I deleted all the content types, assets, entries, everything from a Stack.


Then I ran: `csdx cm:stacks:seed --repo "contentstack/stack-starter-app" -k xxxxxxxxxxxxx`


I had run this command before without issues, but now I’m getting this error:



info: Started to seed content types
error: Content Type creation failed. Please try again. title is not unique.
error: Failed to migrate stack: Sandbox Mauricio. Please check error logs for more info
error: Failed to import content types


I’m 100% sure I deleted all content-types, entries, assets, before running the seed command, but still it seems to be a conflict. Tried the same steps more than once and had same results. 


Any ideas about what could be the issue?


Best answer by Mauricio Robayo 16 April 2023, 05:55

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Ok, so gave it one more try and it worked.


I guess it might have been some cache issue with the deleted content still been registered and generating the conflict.

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@Mauricio Robayo We are glad to hear it worked, if you have the issue again please let us know.