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  • 13 October 2023
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In our project, we need the content manager to have the ability to create entries from other entities that reference each other. Flexibility is the priority, so the structure of the content does not adhere to any predefined schema and is unknown in advance. The issue is that we are unable to retrieve an entry along with all the entries it references, as well as their referenced entries.

In this discussion, the idea of introducing a potential include_all method or parameter was brought up, but as of now, such an option is not available. Are there any plans to implement this feature in the future?


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3 replies

Hello @MaksymDryha,

Can you please specify where the limitation is? I am assuming you are looking to get all the referenced entries in the Content Delivery side, correct? Hence the include_all parameter. I would suggest you reach out to your CSM and ask about that parameter being enabled on your Content Delivery API.

Otherwise, in order to retrieve the references, you will need to provide the include[] parameter in your API request with all the reference fields (and levels) you need to retrieve. 

Hi @jaime. I cannot find any mentions of the include_all in the documentation. Could you send me a link? 

@MaksymDryha that option is not “publicly” available and your stack needs to be enabled to use it. Please reach out to your CSM and we can discuss further.