Include refernce which creating Entry from java sdk

  • 11 September 2023
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I am able to create new entries through my Spring boot app using Java Management SDK. How can I include the references to other content types while creating the entries?


Example: I have a content type called Product with a reference to another content type Item. So when I will create a new Entry for a Product from Java SDK, how can I include the Item reference along with the product request? (I have already available Item entries inside the stack)


Note: I have already worked with entry.includeReference() to get the reference data for another content type entry along with the main Content type Entry.


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Hi @lalatendu, To do this, you need to add a key reference_field_uid that will be an array of objects. In this array, you should create an object and provide the UID of the entry and the _content_type_uid from which you want to include the reference, as shown below.

"entry": {
"title": "Entry title",
"url": "Entry URL",
"reference_field_uid": [{
"uid": "blt111000d1e110b001",
"_content_type_uid": "referred_content_type_uid"

complete code :

// Create Content Object
JSONObject content = new JSONObject()
content.put("title", "Entry title");
content.put("url", "Entry url");

// Create Referece array objects
JSONArray arrayReference = new JSONArray()
JSONObject objRef = new JSONObject()
objRef.put("uid", "blt111000d1e110b001")
objRef.put("_content_type_uid", "referred_content_type_uid")
content.put("reference_field_uid", arrayReference);

// Add content
JSONObject body = JSONObject()
body.put("entry", content)

// Use Java Management SDK
Contentstack contentstack = Contentstack.Builde().build();
Entry entry = contentstack.stack("apiKey").entry();
Call<ResponseBody> response = entry.create(body).execute();
if (response.isSuccessful) {
System.out.println("Response" + response);

See the documentation:

@shailesh Mishra Thank you for the quick update. Much appreciated.