Multiple Blocks vs. One Robust Block

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What are the pros and cons of creating multiple blocks vs. making one block more robust? For example, we have a two- and three-column layout that are very similar. Would you recommend giving the content editor the ability to add/remove a column in the same block? 

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There is no right or wrong answer here, generally you want to focus on creating content models that empower your specific users. If the users prefer to use a single robust block over multiple more simple blocks that is fine and vice versa. Below are some pros and cons of each.



  • Multiple blocks give a more simple and more content focused choice. Users only have to focus on inputting content once a block is chosen.
  • Users lets the code dictate the blocks for them rather than the user dictating the blocks.


  • Users need to be taught what many different blocks do.
  • More block choices for a user to build from, if not trained properly on what each do, can lead to possible front-end errors. 

Single Block


  • You empowers users with a bit more styling options, rather than just being content focused only. 
  • One block choice means less clutter of blocks. if you also have many other blocks to choose from.


  • More fields to input, which leads to more errors, which leads to possible front-end mistakes. Test environments can help solve this.

Depending on the complexity of the blocks, single or multi block could provide more benefit than the other. The more complex a single block grows, then using multi-blocks that remove all the complexity could provide more benefit. If the single block only has very minimal differences between options, a single block could provide more benefit.

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@nick.nguyen has stated it well. If you already have many blocks, it may be easier to provide that option within the block. But having multiple blocks, makes it easier for the content editor to choose which block to use. 

Another thing to consider, if your requirements allow at a later time, to allow the content editor to to add or remove a column, then having the choice within the same modular block would be best. Today, there isn’t an easy way to change from one block type to another; you have to copy/paste the date over if you want keep it.


We stress to think about the User Experience (UX). What is easier for the content editor; the developer can easily write code to handle either method.