Trying to create entry using API call

  • 19 August 2022
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Hi there,


I am following your API docs here:


I have my postman request set up as follows, using verbatim the example body, and am receiving a response of:


"error_message": "Please send your attributes wrapped in 'entry'.",
"error_code": 141




I have my headers set properly, using a management token, and my Stack API key, and the content-type. 


Please advise,


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3 replies

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Hi @Tyler , I was able to create the entry successfully using StackAPI key, management token and setting Content-Type to application/json, however we received the similar error while we set the Content-Type to application/javascript.

Could you please check and confirm that Content-Type is set correctly in Header?

Below is the screenshot for your reference.

Screenshot with Content-Type (application/json) in Headers 


Screenshot with incorrect Content-Type(application/javascript or something different) in Header


Hi @Tyler,

It seems to be an Content-Type header issue from your screenshots, In body section also we can see you have text instead of JSON


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Hey @Harshal Patel that seemed to do the trick!


Is there any way to make suggestions to your documentation on the API? I have a few more examples that might be useful and rest call examples that are a bit more specific.