What is the process for updating and deploying content models for my site?

  • 25 July 2022
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I have an article content type and want to add additional fields to it.  What is the process of adding these fields and trying it out before pushing it to Production?

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Hey Robert,

There are 3 different use cases for modifying content types that require different changes based on what you are doing

  • Add Fields - No changes required, you can add fields anytime you would like, then have the respective fields built into the code to reflect that. The reason for this, is that the code is already built without those fields, so adding them in shouldn’t cause any issues with the front-end… in most cases.
  • Removing Fields - You will need to make sure your code is updated, so it no longer is looking for the values that you have provided. Once your code is update to no longer support those fields, then you can remove the fields.
  • Modifying Fields - Renaming UID’s and changing settings on fields could cause your applications to fail. A way to modify existing content types is to create a new field that reflects the new changes. Then migrate your code to reflect the new field’s UID. If the application performs as should, you can remove the old field.

We also have a feature called branches that you can explore. It can help you create and test all new changes before ever touching your production schemas. I’ve attached some links below that may be helpful