When migrating content that has files attached, is it standard to leverage CS Assets or better to use a 3rd party such as S3?

  • 5 August 2022
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We are in a scenario where we need to migrate a lot of content, all of which has a PDF attached. Should we use an S3 bucket for this, or is uploading all these assets to ContentStack considered standard?


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Hi Tyler, 

It’s recommended that you upload the PDFs to Contentstack (Assets). Additionally, you can organized your content into folders if desired and the Contentstack Delivery for assets (including PDFs) are backed by a global CDN.  There is not need to use AWS S3 unless you have some special use cases.  In the case that you want to leverage S3, this is possible, and some customers will use the S3 Customer Field: However, S3 is not required and using Contentstack Assets is recommended. I hope this helps.

- Ron