New search release broken?

  • 10 November 2022
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Hi there,

We’re enjoying the new entries functionality of being able to move and resize columns, however it looks like search has gone backwards in this release.

Example. - when we search for a term (even an exact match term) the result set do not reflect the search term used. Refining it further to use content type does not have any effect on improving the result set.

Anyone else experiencing this?




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2 replies

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Hi Tim!

Can you tell me specifically what you’re searching for? Also, a screenshot of the resulting page with the search results would be helpful. If you want to send it to I can review it and reach out for additional help from our support staff if needed.

Is it possible that one of the tables or filters have things sorted in a weird way? For example, if you have the title column sorted alphabetically so the exact matches may not be at the top.

Also, putting your search term in quotes will help to focus the search and the match will be more obvious.


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Update: this was a bug introduced in the last release and it’s subsequently been resolved - thank goodness. We’re searching again 😃