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  • 12 September 2022
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Hi, I am quite new in using in the new interface, but getting used to it. ;-) 

However, I am struggling a bit with the new Search. For our purpose, it very often is not specific enough. For example, looking for a registered user of our website who is using a gmail address, we would find any gmail users when looking for 

Another example: If I search for a text in a content block, get too many results,I am not able to specify my search by adding a second word. I will get the message “Cannot use multiple Text fields”.


Do you have any plans to improve that behaviour?

I miss the old fields on top of an individual content block whihc I found more intuitive. Thank you. 


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Hello @AndreaI ,


Thanks so much for your feedback.

We are indeed working on search right now.  We have collected some good feedback on search and as a result are making some improvements.

I am going to tag in our UX Researcher @Russell Swanker  so he is aware.  We should have some changes coming soon!

Once again we appreciate your feedback, we love hearing it and it helps make Contentstack better for everyone.