Using Automation & Workflows together: 'Date Expired' Use Case

  • 13 December 2023
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Hi all, 

I have a use case whereby a date band is used in a content type. When the date is expired, it often requires a manual process to check and update and can often lead to incorrect content on the website. 

Can anyone suggest the best way to get notified when a date expires for a content entry? I am unsure if CS Automation is able to accommodate for this as the ‘trigger’ of the date expiring is not based on the entry itself being modified. 

In an ideal world, when a date expires this then triggers an automatic change of workflow status and the status would then be funneled through to a CS content manager who can update the content. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated! 

2 replies

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FYI - @christine.masters - i’d be keen to get your input on this. Thanks! 

Hi @Jack Simkins,


My recommended approach here would be to have a scheduled trigger, meaning you check every X hours or every day against that date field, seeing if anything is expired.

When you enter that condition, you are then able to update the workflow stage and notify a content manager.


One thing to keep in mind is to have some sort of logic so that the content manager does not get notified every time the automation runs, so your initial trigger condition should maybe also check the workflow stage along with the date, making sure that it has not already been assigned for review.


Hope that makes sense!