Contentstack LIVE!: Episode 10

  • 19 October 2023
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Contentstack LIVE!: Episode 10

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Episode 10: Putting the AI in Retail: Exploring its full potential with EPAM and Aprimo

Learn how retailers can create personalized, interactive digital experiences at scale by augmenting their composable tech stacks with generative-AI.


  • Meet our guests
  • How can retailers use AI to create more engaging digital experiences?
  • How retailers are starting to incorporate Gen-AI into their content strategies
  • Interesting use cases for how retailers can use AI to build and launch innovative new products experiences faster
  • The organizational personas that are invested in AI
  • Steps a customer can take to get started
  • What’s coming in the future for retailers and AI?
  • AI-generated images and GPT hallucinations
  • The Composable Heroes campaign explained

Composable Hero Project


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