What's new: AI Assistant August Release Highlights

  • 17 August 2023
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We're happy to announce the latest update to the Contentstack AI Assistant, driven by user feedback. This release includes a blend of new features to boost usability, augment the customization process, and refine the user experience. Here is a detailed look at what’s new in the app.

New to the AI Assistant App?

The Contentstack AI Assistant is available at no extra cost for our customers. If you'd like to join our Early Access Program, all you need to do is sign up by filling out this form. After agreeing to some additional terms, we'll send you a link so you can install the app.

New Features

Multi-AI Support

In this release we are adding support for Microsoft Azure OpenAI ChatGPT. This means that organizations that are using Azure-based services will now be able to integrate seamlessly with our AI Assistant, offering more flexibility and choices. Simply navigate to the AI Assistant Configuration options in the app Marketplace, and update the configuration with your Azure credentials.

AI Assistant August Release Highlights

Custom Icon Upload

We've enhanced customization by allowing users to upload their custom icons directly from the "upload icon" overlay menu. This ensures that it is easy to add new icons so the UI aligns more with your brand identity, providing a more tailored experience for your users.

Enhanced Icon Visibility

With the increased font size of the icons, users can now have a clearer and more comfortable view of the available options, enhancing the overall user experience.

Improved Message Prompt Interaction

Clicking outside the toolbar will no longer auto-accept the message prompt, ensuring that users have full control and intentionality when selecting options. This minimizes the chances of inadvertent selections, ensuring accuracy in your interactions.

Bug Fixes

  • We've addressed an issue where entering a significant amount of text in the title field of custom actions would cause display or functionality issues.
  • We've resolved an edge case where sending responses to Rich Text Editors would occasionally get garbled.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in AI Assistant. We're committed to enhancing and improving our platform, and we appreciate your feedback that drives these updates.

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