What's New in Automation Hub: New Contentstack actions provide new automation opportunities

  • 15 November 2022
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In order to more fully capture the capabilities offered by the Contentstack Content Management APIs, we are adding several new options in the Contentstack connector which may be needed for some use cases.

New actions include:

  • Publish Asset: Previously, a “Publish Entry” action was available, but we are now adding a similar action for assets as well. (Related documentation.)

We hope these new actions open up lots of new use cases to help automate your workflows and save you time!

Additionally, there are several additional options added to some of the Contentstack actions:


  • In the “Update Entry” action, under “Show optional fields,” there is now a checkbox to “Include Branch” information. This option allows branch information to be included in the update.

  • In the “Get single entry” action, there are several new options under “Show optional fields” which will show that specific information in the payload for that entry. This includes version, locale, workflow, publish details, and branch information.

  • In the “Create entry” action, there are now options for locale and branch information.

  • And lastly, in the “Localize an entry” action, there is now the option to include branch information.

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