What's New in Automation Hub: Streamline your business processes with new advanced user interface

  • 25 January 2023
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The January release of Automation Hub is a game-changer. With a host of new features and improvements, this release will make it easier than ever to create and manage automated workflow processes to streamline your integrations and workflows.



What's new in this release:


New actionable step outline tool

This new outline will display the automation flow of steps, and a user can easily jump into any step and edit it just by clicking on the step within the step outline tool. The outline is a visual display of the full automation process and logic. This feature is designed to make it easy to build and maintain complex automations with ease.

In addition, the step outline now features a search capability that, as you’re typing a query, will automatically filter results to display the search term.

Automation Hub’s new Step Outline.


Each step is displayed in a new, easy-to-read vertical display

Next, after clicking on a step in the step outline, we have a step wizard on the right side of the page. This vertical step display provides easy visualization of the automation step setup. You can quickly view steps and related data and see previous steps and their configurations as needed. This feature makes it easy to understand how your automations are configured and how they fit together.



Introducing a powerful new feature: Conditional Paths

A powerful new feature called Conditional Paths allows for if/else statement support. This enables you to create more complex business processes and logic. This feature allows you to create a multi-filtered query to target specific information. It supports OR and AND operators and has several different conditional checks like "matches," "is empty," and more. Each conditional path can have multiple statements to produce robust automations. This feature allows you to build automations that handle much more complex business processes.

Learn more about Conditional Paths.



Basic Information page provides an automation overview

Finally, we've added a Basic Information page for each automation. This page will display an intro to the automaton, including the title, description, when it was created, and by whom. In the future, this page will incorporate additional information, such as the number of times the automation has run and if there have been errors, etc. This feature was designed to give you a quick overview of your automations and their history, making it easy to understand how they are being used and how they can be improved.

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