How can I see where an asset is being used?

  • 13 February 2024
  • 1 reply

We are attempting to clean up and reorganize our assets in our Contentstack CMS, the problem is we haven’t found a way to see where each asset is being used. We have duplicate assets, how do we know where each one is being used so that we can consolidate?

Is there an asset relationship feature in Contentstack to find out what entries reference a specific asset? 

1 reply

Hi @heypuppy, Yes, there is way to clean up and reorganize your assets, including identifying duplicates. Here's how:


1. Find All Assets:

You have two options to retrieve a list of assets depending on their publish status:


2. Identify Asset Usage:

Once you have a list of asset IDs, you can leverage the CMA "Asset Reference" endpoint. This endpoint allows you to query for all entries that reference a specific asset. If the returned array is empty, you know the asset isn't used in any entries and can be a candidate for consolidation. The documentation for the "Asset Reference" endpoint is available here: