I'm interested to know how other CS users translate content (with ease) across multiple locales

  • 19 April 2023
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With multiple locales, it can sometimes be difficult to manage the translations. I’d be keen to know how other CS users handle writing, updating and loading content for multiple locales to the platform. Do you utilise the Marketplace widgets? Is there an internal export import routine built and ran to populate content or is this an opportunity to use ChatGPT to help translate the content directly in the content types and entries?

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Hi @Jack Simkins !

I’d be curious to learn more about your specific translation process. It sound like you’re manually cutting and pasting translations from an external platform?

If so, I think there are definitely some ways to streamline or automate some of your processes.

Firstly, I would recommend looking at either a Marketplace app or Automation Hub to help automate your translation processes. Generally, Marketplace apps are great for more complex use cases, or situations where you want to have a bit more manual control.

Automation Hub can be used with various translation services (we have a few translation Connectors already created, or a custom one can be created with the HTTP Connector) if you want it to be 100% automated based on specific triggers or situations. Automation Hub can also be helpful if you want to stack it with other actions, such as automatically transitioning to a new workflow or sending a Slack message when the translation is complete.

We also have a ChatGPT app that will allow you to translate directly in the editor interface by sending prompts to ChatGPT with the text of each field.

And lastly, depending on your comfort level with ChatGPT’s translation capabilities, we also have a ChatGPT Automation Hub Connector that allows you to streamline sending each field to ChatGPT for translation and then taking the response and automatically localizing the entry for that language with the new translated data.

If you’d like a quick demo or brainstorming session about these various opportunities, please let me or your Customer Support Manager know, and we can set something up. There are lots of ways we can help make this a manageable and more streamlined process! :)