Select Text Color in Rich Text Field?

  • 19 October 2022
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Is there a way to select text color using an RTF field without the content author needing to use html or json? Similar to making a comment here on Community?

If there’s no way to do it natively, are there any custom fields available that would do this?


Best answer by SJS 19 October 2022, 22:49

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2 replies

Not that I’m aware of, we might have to wait for the responses from others.

Sharing some relevant points which could help:

Highlight Plugin: We’ve a plugin called “Highlight” which helps in highlighting sentences. This can be installed via Marketplace. The response of the highlighted sentence would look like the below snippet. On the FE, we might have to style accordingly.

    "type": "p",
    "uid": "7101fbd9adf8445e874a72cf765545d9",
            "text": "This is used to highlight the text.",
            "highlight": true


Properties Option in JSON RTE: Content author could add a CSS class which can be styled on the FE.

Color Picker Custom Field
We have a custom field called Color Picker (available via Marketplace) but it’s not for JSON RTE.


That highlighter plugin might do the trick, thanks SJS! Appreciate the info.