Using the AI Assistant: Use Case Guidance Needed!

  • 8 January 2024
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Hi all, 

I would like to build out a custom prompt for the AI assistant to pull in data from elsewhere on the entry. For example - an entry that is for a hotel that has no descriptions. It would be great to use the AI Assistant to perform a task of writing a 250 word description. The problem is, it needs the context of the hotel’s name in order to accurately write the response. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for how you can integrate other fields of data to the prompt so that it uses it as part of the response. I’m getting a lot of ‘Welcome to undefined’ at the moment. 

Alternatively, if you have other suggestions for how you can use the custom prompts to assist with Marketing users to generate content that would be great! 

2 replies

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Hi Jack! So excited that you are experimenting with the AI Assistant. I have a bunch of ideas for you. Also, I’d love to dig deeper on some of your use cases and hear your feedback if you wanted to have a Zoom meeting sometime.

That being said, let me start with a few links just to make sure you’ve found the various documentation we have already:

Main Guide:

Sub Menu Guide:

Custom Prompts Guide:


So, a few thoughts on how you might be able to accomplish what you’re looking to achieve.

Firstly, you’ll need to have some kind of metadata to start with. I did a test of this and just added a bit of info from an example golf resort’s website. Then, I created a prompt and asked the AI to write a description based on this data {{field_data}}. The {{field_data}} variable will insert the text from whatever field the user selects. So the idea is that they would go to the summary field, choose “Write hotel description” and then choose the body copy or meta data field (whatever field has some metadata to start with). 


If you want to try out the test command I wrote above, here is my JSON file:


You should be able to download this, and then import it into your AI Assistant as a test and then make changes as needed. For example, you could include instructions to be all one paragraph, or to not include quotes, etc. or provide an example good description to give it one-shot training.


If you wanted to get a lot more in depth, our Automation Hub product would likely be the next step. With Automation Hub, you could actually provide it with the name and address of a hotel, and then ask it to search the internet to look up information, search your existing database, and then write a summary, and even double check it, all within a single multi-step automation. Additionally, Automation Hub will allow you to include proper fielded data values if needed, whereas AI Assistant only has a few “variables” that it supports.

If you want to make sure a human reviews the content, just ask the Automation to put the content into a “review” workflow stage which must be reviewed and approved before it can move to the next stage.


Let me know if this helps or if you’d like to have a meeting to go into more detail. 


Please let me know how it goes!!

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Thanks @christine.masters  - this is excellent. I’ll have a go at implementing what you have suggested. It sounds as though the automation hub is the way forwards. I’ll reach out again on this chain to let you know how i get on. Thanks!