What step do you think is the most important when it comes to Content Modeling?

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What step do you think is the most important when it comes to Content Modeling?

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For me, the most important is the creation of the content type fields, making sure that they fullfill the requirenments.

Designing the content type based on the requirenments is a very important step.


In my opinion, finalizing the design requirement is the most important step, as it reduces the chance of overlooking and/or missing a step in content modeling and creation which could cause overwork trouble or worse, lost of data. 

Finalizing a design can make sure different teams (development, product, stakeholders) set expectations that align with the actual scope, which helps them to better organize the content to make the most out of the modeling. 

I agree on @mengw . For me the most important should be finalizing the design requirements for the content types to be created more efficiently.

For me it is important to have a set of processes, design analysis, business analysis, and so on...analysis of the system as a whole like global product because the system can expand and can works only not only on the computer, but also on other devices. Models should be clear and easy to extend.

Building a content model typically ends up in the hands of a technical team member like a developer or a content manager. 

However, it’s important for the whole team (e.g., content strategists, content creators, content marketing professionals, and other stakeholders whose jobs impact content management) to understand how and where their content is used.

Content modelling can also help you see the gaps in your existing content. As you can visualize how web pages and other pieces of content work together, you’ll start to see areas where you can improve content production to fill in the gaps, answer FAQs, and improve SEO.

I agree with you, teamwork is the way to build a really good system!


In my opinion, all steps done in a proper sequence are important for a successful content modelling exercise.

  • Analyzing requirements - The first and foremost basic step.
  • Identifying structure - Most important step after analysis is to identify the page / component models and their respective field structuring.
  • Establishing relationships - Any references / reusability of models need to be well thought of upfront.
  • Developing the content type - Defining field types, data formatting, data validations, etc. is required before wiring it up to the application code.

In my opinion both web design and modeling are both important. Having a good design system will help to promote reusability and make it easier to create a good model. Besides that a good modeling will make it easier scaling in case changes to the model may be required.